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Secretariat TRANSED

Secretariat TRANSED
About Permanent Secretariat -TRANSED

Permanent Secretariat -TRANSED is responsible for the creation and maintenance of TRANSED website, the warehouse of all information relating to the past conferences as well as forthcoming TRANSED conference. The Secretariat also invites bids from the interested nations for hosting TRANSED conference and floats Request for Proposal (RFP) in consultation with the Chair and the Co-chair.

The databank of International Steering Committee members, reviewers' for the International Scientific Committee, potential speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and delegates' participating in TRANSED Conferences is also maintained by the TRANSED Secretariat.

The Secretariat will facilitate the future hosts to use this platform for running the entire conference including inviting the exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, delegates, abstracts, papers or any other activity related to the conference.

It is also under the purview of TRANSED Secretariat to take handover of the live data including papers and posters and final report of the current TRANSED conference from the host for archiving purposes and making it available to the next host.

The Permanent Secretariat - TRANSED is being hosted and run by Svayam.

About Svayam 

Svayam is an initiative of Sminu Jindal Charitable Trust, India. It has been articulating the need of inclusion of persons with disabilities at social, economic and cultural levels by creating an enabling environment which fosters equitable participation and access to opportunities and public resources for all irrespective of one's age and ability.

Founded by Ms. Sminu Jindal, Svayam is working towards making public infrastructure including different modes of transportation accessible to all, especially the elderly and disabled and has managed to stir a change in the last few years.

Svayam hosted the 13th TRANSED 2012 at New Delhi, India to give impetus to the agenda of inclusive development and showcase the best practices around the world in mobility and accessible built public infrastructure.

Permanent Secretariat – TRANSED
Svayam - Global Centre for Inclusive Environment
Jindal Centre, 12, Bhikaiji Cama Place,
New Delhi - 110066, India
 Phone: +91-11-41462323, +91-41462292; 

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