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Background of TRANSED Conferences

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Founded in the 1970's by Professor Norman Ashford University of Loughborough and Professor William Bell University of Florida, the International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons has been held thirteen times in eleven countries. From its roots as a small, specialized meeting among a handful of researchers, the conference today attracts between over 800 delegates from across the world. Conference proceedings are a standard reference for researchers, planners and operators alike, and are referenced in the Transportation Research Board (TRB), Transport Research Information System (TRIS). Professionals and consumers throughout the world recognize the TRANSED series conferences as key forum for scientific and philosophical advances in pursuit of mobility and access solutions for elderly and persons with disabilities.imitation rolex


From the outset, the TRANSED series of conferences have been held primarily to serve the needs of transport professionals; including researchers, policy makers, planners, administrators and operators. The main objectives of the conference remains the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experience for the development of transport services and systems that meet the needs of people who have mobility impairments.

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