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William Bell Award

William Bell Award

In 1992, the Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (ABE60) established the William G. Bell Award (Award) to honour the memory of our good friend, mentor and leader in the field of accessible transportation and mobility, Dr. William G. Bell. His dedication and commitment to the field of accessible transportation generated and established the national conferences that have been held since 1974. In addition, Dr. Bell initiated and established the successful international conferences on accessible transportation that continue to be held throughout the world.

The Committee on Paratransit (APO60), which also promotes increased mobility through more specialized forms of transit, has also joined in co-sponsoring the award.

Previous Award recipients are listed below:

  • 1993 - Dr. David Lewis
  • 1995 - Ms. Ling Suen
  • 1997 - Mr. Roger Tate
  • 1999 - Mr. Philip Oxley
  • 2001 - Dr. Kit Mitchell
  • 2003 - Mr. Tom Rickert
  • 2006 - Ms. Ann Frye
  • 2010 - Ms. Lalita Sen

Recent award ceremonies have taken place at the TRANSED conferences (International Conference on Mobility & Transport for Elderly & Disabled People). Recent awards were presented at TRANSED 2007 in Montreal, Canada, and TRANSED 2010 in Hong Kong, China.

Selection Criteria
  • Individual has served and made significant contributions to the field of accessible transportation and mobility.
  • Individual has made outstanding contribution(s) through practice, research, or policy development to the field of accessible transportation and mobility, both nationally and internationally.
  • Individual is committed to broadening the number of professionals and disciplines working in the field of accessible transportation and mobility.
  • Individual has a demonstrated track record in the dissemination of research findings and practical information.
  • Individual has demonstrated accomplishments and a commitment to outreach and training in accessible transportation and mobility.
  • Individual possesses the following personal qualities: persistence with grace; dedication to accessible transportation and mobility; persuasiveness, credibility and visibility.
  • Individual has demonstrated a dedication to the field of accessible transportation, and mobility.

Selection Board, Nomination and Selection Process

The TRB Committee on Accessible Transportation and Mobility (ABE60) and the Committee on Paratransit (APO60) jointly sponsor this award. The Selection Board (Board) will likely consist of previous recipients of the Award, as well as selected committee executives as appointed by the two Committee Chairs. Key elements and timing details of the nomination and selection process are listed below:

Initiation of process through announcement at the Annual General Meeting in Washington. D.C.
January 2014
Nominations are to be made by Committee members by completing and submitting the attached Nomination Form, a covering letter that clearly explains how the candidate meets the criteria, and the nominee's CV. Nominations are to be submitted by mail or e-mail to the ABE60 Committee Secretary:

Dr. Kenneth Joh, Assistant Professor
Depart. of Landscape Arch. And Urban Design
3137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3137
Deadline : March 31, 2014
Secretary distributes Nomination and Evaluation Forms to Board members for their review and analysis
April 2014
Board decides which candidate best meets the abovenoted criteria and returns completed Evaluation Forms to Secretary who forwards copies to Chairs of ABE60, APO60 and the TRB Program Officer
May 2014
Secretary, the Chairs of ABE60 and APO60, and the TRB Program Officer verify the counts and evaluation
August 2014
TRB Program Officer notifies award recipient on date and venue of award
September 2014
Award is announced at the TRB Annual Conference
January 2015
Award is presented at TRANSED 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal
July 2015

The attached Nomination Form will be used to submit nominations.

Frequency and Venue of Recognition

This award will normally occur every three years and will be timed to allow for presentation at each TRANSED Conference. The award will only be given if a qualified recipient is identified and selected.


Nominees for the Award must not sit on the Board. All relevant Award-related documentation and Board Member counts and evaluations will be verified, and treated as confidential, by the ABE60 and APO60 Committee Chairs and the TRB Program Officer.

Award/ Certificate, Prize and Sponsorships
  • TRB will be responsible for the printing/framing of the Award certificate and the issuance of Award notification letter to the recipient.
  • The Committees will explore and solicit corporate/government/private sponsorship of the above-noted costs. These consultations may result in the creation of a monetary "prize" to complement the certificate and travel costs.