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Best Poster Awards

Best Poster Awards


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To select four best posters from all presented posters.

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Method of Judgement

A two stage process is undertaken:

  • Stage I: Screening for pre-qualification of 20 poster finalists, based on the reviews their abstracts received from the International Scientific Committee.
  • Stage II: The Scientific Committee invites a minimum of 3 member panel to undertake on-site evaluation of the posters.
On-site Evaluation Criteria and Scores

The panel will evaluate the posters on-site as per the following criteria:

  • Presentation: layout (attractiveness, legibility, creativity)
  • Content: innovative ideas and value of subject matter
  • Presenter’s ability to convey the message

For each criteria, the scoring varies from 10 (excellent, relevant, important results, has succinctly identified important points) to 1 (erroneous, irrelevant, out of date, local interest only). 10 is maximum, and 5 is average. Maximum total of 30 scores for the three criteria combined. Each evaluator will be instructed to give as distinct score levels as possible.
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  • The Panel will undertake the on-site evaluation of the posters.
  • Based on the on –site evaluation, best posters from different themes are selected for awards.
  • An Award Certificate will be presented to the recipients at the award ceremony.fake rolex