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Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards


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Select four best papers from all presented papers through a two stage process Official Cheap Designer Glasses & Sunglasses


Method of Judgement

A two stage process is undertaken:

  • Stage I: Screen 20 abstract (for papers), finalists from the list are selected based upon the reviews received from the International Scientific Committee for the abstracts submitted by participants.
  • Stage II: The Scientific Committee would read the final written papers and attend the presentation and assign percentage scores ranging from 0% to 100% (from Poor to Excellent).
  • 20% of marks for Clarity and Comprehensibility of the paper
  • 20% of marks for Relevance to the theme and the field
  • 20% of marks for Reliability of research methodology and accuracy of results
  • 20% of marks for Importance of findings or value of the proposed technology or system
  • 20% of marks for Significance to the advancement of transport mobility and accessibility
  • The Scientific Committee will constitute an awards committee to select best papers.
  • Based on the evaluation, best papers are shortlisted by the Scientific Committee and forwarded to the Awards Committee.
  • An Award Certificate will be presented to the recipients at the award ceremony.replica watches