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Chronology of TRANSED Conferences

As if people are exposed to the vast expanse of the sky, and constantly explore the unknown self, it is also in harmony with his spirit.


Year Location Conferences
1978 Cambridge‚ England Title: “Mobility for the Elderly and Handicapped” No specific theme. Content concentrated on practical issues of service delivery‚ plus effects of mobility on lifestyles.
1981 Cambridge, England Title: “Mobility for Elderly and Handicapped Persons”. No specific theme. Content included methodology‚ concepts‚ technology and software‚ as well as operational experience in the field and evaluation.
1984 Orlando,
Title: “Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Handicapped Persons”. No specific theme. Content covered policy‚ transportation systems modifications‚ legal rights of disabled people‚ international air travel and specialized transportation in developing countries.
1986 Vancouver, Canada Theme: “Mobility in the Global Village”
1989 Stockholm, Sweden Theme: “Towards Mobility as a Human Right”
1992 Lyon,
COMOTRED used for this conference‚ Theme: “From Human Rights to a Better Quality of Life”
1995 Reading, England Theme: “Ideas into Actions”
1998 Perth,
Theme: “Setting the Pace”
2001 Warsaw,
Theme: “Towards Safety‚ Independence and Security”
2004 Hamamatsu, Japan Theme: “Accessible Transportation and Road Design: Strategies for Success”
2007 Montreal, Canada Theme: “Benchmarking‚ Evaluation and Vision for the Future”
2010 Hong Kong, China Theme: “Sustainable Transport and Travel for All.”
2012 New Delhi, India Theme: “Seamless Access for All: Universal Design in Transport Systems and Built Infrastructure‚ a Key Element in the Creation of Livable Cities.”
2015 Lisbon, Portugal Theme: "Aim and Manage for Inclusive Access
2018 Taipei, Taiwan Theme: "Mobility for all: Connecting the World with Accessible Transportation"

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